Loan despite real estate financing

Many people dream of owning their own house. However, only a few can fulfill it. Because owning your own property costs a lot of money. Unfortunately, this cannot be applied by everyone. However, if you manage to get real estate financing through a good credit rating and additional collateral, you can count yourself lucky and enjoy life in your own four walls from now on. More exposition at

However, living in your own property also has many surprises in store. These are not always of a positive nature and require additional capital. If you have this, you can sit back and relax and enjoy life. If not, you have to take out an additional loan despite real estate financing. At this point we would like to explain how this works.

The creditworthiness decides

The creditworthiness decides

Borrowing in Germany is always dependent on the borrower’s creditworthiness. No matter how many loans you need – you have a good credit rating and are therefore able to service your liabilities on time and in full, you will not be denied borrowing. Not even if it is a loan despite real estate financing. But what does a credit rating actually have to look like so that another loan can be taken out for the real estate loan?

A good credit rating is always made up of different factors that can all influence you. In the first place is your income, which must come from a permanent job and is significantly above the garnishment allowance. The latter is particularly important, since you are already servicing one loan and creating an additional burden with the second loan.

It is also important in this context that the income and your previous expenses are in such a relationship that there is sufficient scope for another loan. You can check this yourself in advance by calculating your income and expenses and looking at how much money is left in the end. A monthly installment for another loan could then be calculated on the basis of this remaining money.

Another important aspect is your Credit Bureau, which is of course queried before borrowing and should preferably not contain any negative entries. Only in this way will you be able to take out the loan in spite of real estate financing without complicated detours and receive a good loan offer from the banks. Therefore, make sure that you do not miss any payments and always pay all bills. If you should have financial problems and have to postpone an invoice, speak to the creditor in advance. A short delay is okay for many. Silence, on the other hand, does not work at all and ensures that in addition to reminders, there is also a negative entry in the Credit Bureau, which then ensures that you cannot take out a loan despite real estate financing.

And your age, your place of residence and your checking account are also in focus when it comes to determining your creditworthiness. So you have to be at least 18 years old and should not have reached retirement age if you want to take out a loan despite real estate financing. On top of that, you must have a permanent residence in Germany. The same applies to the current account, which must also be managed by a bank in Germany. Because it is the reference account from which the monthly installments for the further loan are debited.

Where can a loan be found despite real estate financing?

Where can a loan be found despite real estate financing?

When searching for the right loan despite real estate financing, you should always first look for good offers on the Internet. Here you can use a comparison calculator to compare all of the current loan offers from banks and savings banks in one hand. You do not have this service if you walk from bank to bank and have a loan offer created there. In addition, the comparison is free and non-binding and leaves no traces in your Credit Bureau. An important aspect that ensures that your Credit Bureau is not weakened by the search for a suitable loan offer.

If you have been able to use the loan calculator to find an offer that meets your expectations, then you should consult the bank behind it. Simply follow the link provided by the loan calculator. It takes you directly to the loan application and prevents a long search.

When borrowing, you should make sure that the effective interest rate on the offer is particularly low. On top of that, it is important that the repayment modalities meet your expectations. Use only small monthly installments to avoid slipping financially. Also check whether special repayments or early repayment of the loan are possible. In this way you can achieve particularly flexible repayment modalities that give you a lot of freedom and do not put you in too much trouble if things do not go quite so well.

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